Passing email address from Infusionsoft form to jotform

Has anyone had any success with passing an Infusionsoft form submission to a Jotform as the Thank-You page? I’m trying to auto-populate a hidden email field in Jotform from the Infusionsoft submission, so that I can link the Jotform submission to the same contact. I’ve tried changing the TY page redirect URL to:

File Upload Form

But this isn’t working. It literally just puts the merge field itself into the email field on Jotform.

Hey Joshua, not a Jotform expert by any means, but i would suggest that you set your IFS webform to pass the URL parameters (setting under thank you page tab). This will pass something like inf_field_Email = [value]. The trick will be getting JotForms to pick up the parameter, I think you may have to name your Jot Form Field inf_field_Email to get this to work.

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