Using Infusionsoft Parameters

Hi there,

I am currently trying to add a custom parameter from the Infusionsoft database and make it dynamic with my Infusionsoft thank-you page in my form. Below have I detailed how I am trying to approach this problem but despite a number of attempts I cannot seem to add the parameter as necessary. Below are the detailed steps I am taking:

  1. I have a form here that user fills out: The form has three hidden fields above the Email Textfield that are:

  2. In my Infusionsoft database under Admin —> Settings my hidden fields show up in my database as:

  3. Within this form, I am using the Inspect element on Chrome to locate the hidden fields using Control / Command F and searching for “hidden.”
    We have created two different fields all which are auto-populated with the username portion of the url, which in this-case of is the “longa” portion.

  4. If I want to make thank-you URL dynamic based on the username, in this-case “longa”(or the thank-you URL like this: what should it look like after “dhdq” and before “sales-contestology-gh”?

Thank you for answering my question in advance!

Bump. Any Infusionsoft Experts or Certified Partners have any idea how to solve this?