Name and Email Hidden Field Issue

If I create a form and have the name and email address as a hidden field, then embed the script onto a web page and email contacts from within infusionsoft to this web form. 90% of the time this works fine however 10% of the time i’m finding when someone fills this email out it creates a new contact called “no name”. Even though we are emailing people that are already in Infusionsoft and emailing them from the Infusionsoft platform.

Can you offer any advice or solutuions this this issue? It’s causing havoc and seems to be happening more than ever!

Not sure of your exact situation, but I would not feed email AND name into the hidden fields. I would do email only, as that the the #1 contact Identifier in Infusionsoft. It is possible that by entering a name, if the name has a space in it, it could cause an issue.

Not 100% solution, but something you could try to see if it helps to eliminate the issue.


Thanks for this response. Seems to be happening to people that have first names with no spaces as well unfortunately.

Did you find a solution to this issue? We’ve recently ran into the same problem.

There is no solution and I don’t think anyone believes it is actually happening. Are you still having the issue? Did you get a solution?