Embedded Forms Fail to Populate Hidden Field with Contact Info

I have been having a problem with embedding an Infusionsoft form at my website. I have a campaign designed to ask my Infusionsoft contacts to fill out a survey. I solicit this by sending a newsletter to my subscribers asking them to click a link that brings them to my web page where the form is embedded. I want to rely on Infusionsoft to recognize the contact based on the contact ID that is appended to the URL of the linked web page. The problem is that although my campaign recognizes the form submission, it does not recognize the contact. I spoke with 4 different Infusionsoft support reps last week on this issue and each tried to resolve the problem but without success. I spoke with a 5th rep today and asked to have a programmer look at the embed HTML code to try to find the problem. After looking at it for a while, I was told that the system is working as designed and that embedded forms are not capable of recognizing a contact (using hidden fields configed as email address type). Instead I am told I would need to either prompt the contact for his/her email address or abandon the idea of using the embedded HTML. I get the feeling this is not correct and that in fact it should work, and that this is a bug. And if it is a bug, then it should be listed among the know issues and a note about this should be included in the Help documentation that describes how to use embedded forms. Does anyone here in the community know anything about this that could help me? I prefer not to use the embedded Javascript of IS hosted approaches. Thank you!

Hi Richard, I solved this issue on my website many years ago and can gladly give you a demo to prove it. My fix has worked since I thought it up in about February 2013, so almost 5 years. At first I didn’t think it would be a reliable solution, but I think it has proven itself. I don’t think Infusionsoft know that this is even possible.

So, I had a thought tonight that perhaps I can turn this into a product that can help others who want to have embedded forms that capture the user information, without being forced to use the InfusionSoft JavaScript form? But it would be a fair amount of work to do that and I would need to know if there is a market for it.

Please reply if you think this is something you really really want.

Hi Heinz. I certainly would prefer that the feature worked, or that an option to buy the capability as a 3rd party add-on existed. I don’t think it should be that costly a development project for the Infusionsoft team, so my guess is that, as I said in my post, this is actually a bug that they will eventually fix (unless they disabled it deliberately for some reason, like maybe the promotion value Infusionsoft thinks they may get by having more subscribers see their URL when they submit a form). But I think you’re asking what value I would place on a 3rd add-on for this – we would probably pay a one-time fee in the under $100 range to have it, and I would guess other people would as well.



Hey Rich, if you need it here’s the solution I came up with for our own survey:

  • Append the contact’s email to the URL link in the campaign email (use merge field notation)
  • On the page with the form, use jQuery (or whatever you’d prefer) to grab the value in the URL
  • Include a hidden email field in your form, and stick the grabbed value into the input

The email field isn’t visible to the user, but gets passed to Infusionsoft on submit. You can adjust to your specific needs. Hope this helps