4/30/2019 infusionsoft LANDING PAGE FORMS are already populated with user info

Infusionsoft Landing Page Form is populating some of our forms with other users contact data and Infusionsoft Support claims it is our fault.

Below is what they said and this video (4/30/2019 Infusionsoft LANDING PAGE FORMS are already populated with user info - YouTube) proves they are wrong.

“InfusionSoft is claiming that we “forwarded” the same URL after someone had completed the form and therefore the contact information was populated. They just did several tests and they are not able to recreate the problem.”

***Infusionsoft Support – Why not do more testing before you claim it is our fault?

What happens when you open that link it in an incognito window? This would at least rule-out a caching issue.

It does the same thing, populates all the fields with someone else’s data.
We have had at least one other user complain of this happening to them.


I’ll have someone reach out. I can’t make sense of that.

MartinC - Hi - I have had the same sort of problem with a mailout I have done - ie people A get person B details… out of 6000 members this happened to c.12 members. What also happened in the same mailout was that the webform showed blank fields - ie no data - for about 125 people - at least these are the ones who complained. Totally arbitrary? This happened in March and April 2019. IFS also told me that it was not their fault … not helpful when i have a client shouting in my ear!..as they have to say something to their members. I have a reply from your support centre formy query - Cheers, Barbara

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I have had this same issue with order forms where it actually overwrites the info on a contact record and received the same answer from support that the order form URL was shared and is why the issue occurred. I have used bitly to create a link to try and add a buffer between the clicks if possible and it seems to have helped. Its very odd because anything before Dec 2018, this had not been an issue.

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Infusionsoft support is nothing short of horrible Martinc??? ***No one has done anything or contacted me??? and two other Infusionsoft users have had the same thing happen to them??? and Tech Support Does NOTHING??? HORRIBLE TO SAY THE LEAST… they should be ashamed of themselves… I will never recommend or endorse this platform to anyone until you guys shape up…

Sorry to hear that, @Tony_States and I will forward this to leadership today. Could you DM me (click on my avatar and click the “Message” button) the best way to contact you so that I’m certain we have a direct line to you.

It really is terrible how Infusionsoft Tech Support blames this stuff on us??? what on earth is wrong with them??? Shame on you --Infusionsoft Tech Support–…