No Form Entries posted to Contact record when new Landing Pages feature

Is this happening to everyone? or is it something I set up wrong?

Not having a Form posted to the client record is inconsistent with other form processing and means there is no activity that shows on the Dashboard Recent Activity report, no form activity reported on the Web Form Marketing reports. My clients monitor Recent Activity daily and rely on the Forms processed listing. (I did report this omission and hope IS will retroactively add the form records so we have a consistent audit trail or contact activity.)

As I was writing this I realized I can add a Note to the campaign we’re running to let my clients know there’s been activity and will do that.

I really want to love the new landing pages…Guess I’ll try again in 6 months.

Hey Nora,

So, that is currently still one of limitations of the new landing page builder.

But here’s the crux of the issue, and maybe it’ll help you understand some of the disconnects we’re still seeing - the landing pages are not built in Infusionsoft. At least, not the way we’re used to thinking about it.

The landing page builder we’re referring to as the “new infusionsoft builder” was a totally separate software - built entirely independent of Infusionsoft, or the campaign builder.

When you drag out a goal for the new landing pages, and open it - it’s like you’re opening a door to the other software platform. The URL even changes as you go into the editor.

This is why so many of the “expected” features don’t work the way we’re used to. Instead of building new technology directly inside Infusionsoft, they’ve been building a bridge to connect us to where the new tech already lives.

It’s nice - because the new tech is modern, and sleek. (I really am loving the pages it creates.)

But yeah, it’s annoying - because there are dozens of little nuances that they either haven’t solved, or haven’t solved yet. No form submission history, no update in the “recent activity widget” on the dashboard, no notification settings, no company field, no referral partner tracking, and several others are all directly tied back to this fundamental disconnect.

I believe it’s also the reason that these “users” appear when I run a User Dashboard Report:

Don’t get me wrong - they’re making progress daily. Many of the features that were missing when this first rolled out have been squashed and done so elegantly (URL params, autopopulating, etc). But, until they completely resolve those issues, we’re going to trip over those disconnects - so my mentality is just to try and be patient as they’re doing that (and I still use LeadPages for certain stuff :sunglasses: ).

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That does help. Thanks Greg. I thought they might be integrating some 3rd party builder from the feel of it but your explanation fits too.

Not having the form field feels like a significant processing omission to me. The list of forms is an audit trail of interactions with a client. It will forever be confusing as to why some interactions have the form with its tags and others don’t have the form and only have tags. I do hope they create the missing forms when they add the form functionality to sort this out.