Bug in Infusionsoft Landing Pages Form Required Field 1-12-18

Hi guys,

I have an issue in a landing page form, I have a field in my form set to NOT REQUIRED and yet it is required for some reason??? please watch the 1 minute screen cast to see what is happening.


Any help on this is much appreciated.



Thanks @Tony_States. Duplicated. Be sure to click the “Help” button when you find something broken or quirky in the New Landing Pages to let the developers know!


OK will do and after more testing I contacted them and this is a bug for sure and they are working on it :slight_smile:
Thanks for your response martinc :slight_smile:

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OK Infusionsoft Support, this is still broken… I just had a user complain that the field for the website info is broken, I confirmed it is not required in my user interface but your server was forcing the user to put one in, so I deleted the web address field until you fix this… I have a testing page that is just like my live one here: https://fy359-831788.pages.infusionsoft.net
Do NOT rip my testing page apart like you did last time inside my user interface… make a copy of it and then screw that one up…


This is a public forum and if you are wanting direct interaction with IS Support, you will need to follow @martinc’s point about selecting the help button above or by contacting them through phone/chat. Some IS employees monitor this forum as well but it is the “long way around” for you to try to contact their support through this forum.

The help desk specifically TOLD ME TO POST HERE!!!
They (SUPPORT) really dont care anyways or this bug would have already been

Support ripped my campaign completely apart and just left it shredded when
they were reviewing the bug??? is that professional??? hell no
it isn’t…
They did it on purpose of course… because I complained…
lame jerks… They could have easily created a copy and
screwed with that one but they didn’t…
I asked them to let me know when it was fixed… they never did of
course… just more unprofessional attitudes…
I can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes… support has to
be very disgruntled…

Hi Tony,

I can see what you are talking about. This case was originally escalated to me. It has since been sent to our development department to work on a resolution. When I looked into this case I was able to duplicate the issue in my own application and other applications so I didn’t need to go into your application. When I read this I was very saddened by it so I decided to investigate the issue. and try to get the campaign back to how it was.

When I looked at the campaign I was able to find another issue that I have now sent to our development department to get resolved. If a new landing page is in the campaign but hasn’t been clicked into that version of the campaign isn’t going to be able to be restored. I have created a separate case for you where we can discuss this issue and how we can get your campaign back to how it was. Please look for an email about case # 01113099


This is the kind of attitude that I MUCH prefer Jon :)))

Thank you!!!

I own my own business and provide services to my clients and I care deeply
about each and every one of them and try my best to take good care of them
and I too find this sad…

(Infusionsoft Tech Support Ripped Apart My Landing Page (WHY?) 1-12-2018)

*Dont worry about fixing my Campaign I already did it right after they
ripped it apart as it was fresh in my mind and then I created a copy just
in case and it is now water under the bridge.

Just try and fix the bugs and please let me know when they are fixed and
maybe have a talk with the tech support staff that made these careless or
unknown mistakes.

Best regards,

Tony States
Integrated Platforms, LLC
Boise, Idaho
(M) (208) 401-6481

Hi Tony,

Will do, I have already sent out a warning in our internal communication channel about this. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress of the cases. If you want an update feel free to reply to any of my emails that I have sent and I’ll see where the developers are at and reply to you.

I’m so glad to hear you say how you understand a lot of times people will not be understanding that we are don’t want any bugs to happen and that sometimes it is harder then others to get them resolved. If you ever find a magic wand that will help resolve all of issues that your clients have to handle let me know so I can use it to resolve everything that is frustrating for everyone using Infusionsoft as well. Until then I guess we will both have to keep working through the challenges to get to the solutions as quickly as we can with the limitations we have.

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Wonderful words Jon :)))))

I do Programming, Web Development, Graphics, Video
Shooting/Editing/Producing and IT Support for my clients so I know exactly
what you are going thru for sure.

One of the hardest of course is getting EMPLOYEES to behave in
professional conscientious manor
:/… very hard indeed…

Your complete professionalism in this matter is very much appreciated by me
Jon :))))

Thank you :))))

Tony States
Integrated Platforms, LLC
Boise, Idaho
(M) (208) 401-6481