Landing pages only display an error

We have a few landing pages created in IS and then imbeded on our site using an iFrame. It was just brought to my attention that the pages frequently, but not always, show up as an error saying “ refused to connect.”

Any idea what is causing this or how to fix it?

This just happened to us as well. Any answers?

I haven’t received any good answers. I was also on a chat with a IS rep yesterday. They said they couldn’t help and directed me back to this forum.
What we are guessing right now is that the iFrame may be interfering somehow so we are attempting to embed the landing page without an iFrame and see if that works. We are still researching that though, so I can’t report exactly how we will do it or it’s results yet.

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We’re actually using an iframe as well… please update us if that works!

Now the landing pages aren’t loading ANYWHERE, whether in an iframe or the page itself!

NO!! I’m having this problem too! so this has to be an IS problem, right?

I wonder if we can embed a webform instead?..

as of this moment, everything is up and running normally. there’s a chance IS was having an issue and had to restart something? is anyone else still having trouble?

According to chat support, it’s fixed. Hope the problem doesn’t come back cause it really puts a jam on things!

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