Iframe code issue with landing pages not displaying correctly in Chrome on desktop

Need to get this issue resolved ASAP, it’s affecting my client’s business since he’s not able to collect leads when people can’t fill out the landing page.

Video of the issue: Dropbox - Video of iframe landing page not working.mov - Simplify your life

Notes from my web developer:
I’ve just finished researching this issue and found out the problem is the iframe code that was provided by infusionsoft.net

To make sure, I’ve inserted the following code into a separate HTML page and got the same error …

I’ve also looked deeper into the code using Google Devtools and found the following browser errors which might be helpful for troubleshooting: (see attached image)

So at this point, we suggest you take this info and go back to infusionsoft.net support for help since it’s their code that is breaking. These types of things happen when they make some updates internally. I’m pretty sure that might be the case here.

Please let me know what the solution is or how this can be resolved ASAP.


Laura Kamrath