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Hi All,
I am sure someone has come accross this before, and I would really welcome some assistance or guidance as to how to overcome an apparent Infusionsoft weakness.

We have created a web page and incorporated an Infusionsoft form into it. It appears that Infusionsoft doesnt offer “on page validation” for their forms, so that valid data can be submitted to Infusionsoft.

Instead, when a mandatory field is not completed and the form submitted, it bounces the person to a horrible looking error page, which is not customizable and not in keeping with our design.

To get around this we have not made any of the fields mandatory, in order to avoid the error page.

Does anyone have an on page validation which submits valid data to Infusionsoft?
Thanks all for your help.

This seems to be the best answer to this question that I’ve seen:


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Thanks John,
it does look like what we are after. I will pass this on to techie.
Been a good quick response. Thanks


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