On page form validation without redirecting to Infusionsoft

Does anyone have validation worked into their form which doesn’t redirect you to Infusionsoft? The forms code seems to be super archaic and doesn’t allow for this. Just a simple “please fill out this field” popup like normal modern forms have.

Yes. Just use an external validation library and some js / jquery. Totally agree that a server side error / redirect is just uncalled for. :wink:

Thanks, Mark. Any suggestions for validation library? Do you have a running version of this?

Here’s an example on a bootstrap based landing page:

I just chose ‘unstyled form’ and then used the top 5 lines of code with the bootstrap form after making sure the field names are correct.

If you are using the javascript embed there are some other ways to do it with javascript / jquery.

hope it helps!

any solution regarding this problem?

Doubtful. They seem to have no interest in upgrading their native forms.

Any update or solution for this?

ya.switch to ontraport