Web form errors open on a new page

I currently have a form embedded on a WIP website of mine, and the form fields are all set as required.
It seems to be working as expected but if I submit the message with an empty field I get redirected to a white page hosted by Infusionsoft, with only the form and the error message(s).
I don’t want users to leave my website or even the page if they submit the form with any errors.
So my question is, how do I set this up so that the error messages show up on my own page, without any redirects?

It seems like a very basic feature so I looked around and googled it, but could not find an answer for it.

Many thanks in advance,

Having the same issue here as well. Has anyone from Keap gotten back to you on how to resolve?

I did find another post in the community that refers to using Javascript to stop this from happening.