Report on who filled out a landing page form

I have created an Infusionsoft landing page with a form and successfully emailed customers the link.
Customers have filled out the form - but I can’t find a way to get a report of the customers and the answers they gave.
The field they filled in was free text - so when I try to use this as a filter the only options I get are “starts with” “contains” doesn’t contain" - there is no “known” or unknown".
Is there a way to get a report of people who filled in the form and the answer they have given?

Hi Justin. You would want to add the fields you used in the Form to the Columns of your search under CRM > Contacts

That will provide you their answers and you can export or print the search results.

To run a search for the contacts that filled our the form you would need to have a tag to search by. Did you have the Landing Page apply a tag when it was filled out?

If not you can use Campaign Goal Completion to pull the list of contacts so that you can apply a tag.
Nav > Marketing > Reports > Campaign Goal Completion

Select the Campaign, Goal, and Goal Completion Date

Once you have the results check the top check box to select all the contacts

Then use the Actions Button to apply a tag

Here is a video <-however my example in the video is a Web Form so instead of the Web Form tracking it would be the Campaign Goal Completion report