Landing Pages not Placing Contacts in Campaign

Is anyone else having issues with Landing Pages not placing the contacts in a campaign. The Landing Page collects the information and takes the user to the Thank You Page.

Yet the contact is never placed in the campaign. I’ve tried it with a couple of my Campaigns using several email addresses and am seeing the same in each of them. I saw this was a known issue at one point. I tried to use the fix but the Landing Page Names aren’t showing in the Report.

I opened a ticket and the Chat person said they were getting several tickets with the same issue currently. Yet based on the interaction with the Chat Agent I feel it was a canned response like everything else they said was.

Is anyone else currently experiencing this?

I have experienced this in the past and it is VERY annoying. A work-around could be applying a global tag in your landing page, then adding that tag in your campaign to start that customer in the campaign.

If you want a customer to be able to go through the landing page and campaign multiple times, you’ll have to add a sequence immediately after the Start Tag that removes the tag. This way infusion soft doesn’t think that they’ve been in that campaign before.