Landing page campaign work on first use for contact but not a second?

I have a Landing Page as part of a sequence. A link is sent in an email and once completed it then adds tags etc. It works perfectly on the first attempt.
When I do it again on the same record after deleting all the campaign and tags etc it send the email but does nothing once the page is submitted,
Tried on multiple contacts (testing)and its the same every time.
Is there something I am missing? Cant find a setting anywhere to say don’t follow a second time.

Hi David. you can’t run a contact through the same sequence within a 15 minute window, they stack up at the front and then get released into it. So if your testing was faster than that with the same contact that could be the issue.

Alternatively if its firing off a tag, then is that tag getting removed correctly?

Yes tried that. Seems to be working now so must have been a delay issue.

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