Is there a way to use the same landing page in multiple campaigns?

I have a landing page (signing up for a challenge) currently in use in a campaign I’m running however I’d like to use this same landing page in another campaign making this an evergreen challenge that leads to a different product upsell. Is there a way to reuse it with the same URL?

No, if you copy the page then it will get a new URL.

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There MAY be a backdoor way. On the landing page, hang a TRIGGER tag that starts the new campaign. They will still go into your old campaign AND this one, unless you deactivate (turn to draft) all the sequences in the current campaign, or at least break the link to the sequence.

PRO-TIP: IF YOU decide to do this, then leave a GREAT now at the Tag Goal to start the campaign that says this trigger tag is hung on landing page XXXX in Campaign XXXX. Also put a note in the old campaign that says this landing page also triggers xxxx campaign.

Hope that helps!

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