Inserting an Already Created Landing Page into a New Campaign

Is it possible to take a landing page I created in a previous campaign and insert it into another campaign? Is there once central location where I can find all the landing pages I’ve created? Or do I have to go landing page by landing page by opening individual campaigns?

Kinda sorta…and not? Basically, if you copy a campaign and/or you import sequences to other sequences, it will make direct copies of those items but it sounds more like you are asking to JUST make a copy of the landing page. So you may be able to save the landing page in the original as a template and then re-load that in the second but that’s about the only options I know of to do so.

Cool. Thanks!

I agree with @John_Borelli, and I think the ‘save as template’ and then choose that template in the new campaign/sequence is your best option.

To make it easier on you (because using LP templates isn’t quite so obvious) here’s a 2 min vid