Using pieces of one campaign in another campaign

Is it not possible to create your own sequence as a template that you like to use and repeat in other campaigns?

How does one copy elements of one campaign into another campaign without it removing the elements from the first campaign?

Frustrated and confused,


When you are inside a sequence, go to the top right and use the ‘actions’ dropdown.

There, you can copy an entire sequence from another campaign. NOTE - this copies everything and erases what is in the destination sequence, so if you want to use something as a template, then edit, do the copy action first, then make your edits.


It is possible and you would do this through the ‘Actions’ button in the upper right, however, be aware that there are significant issues with duplicating/copying some elements. A landing page from another campaign will often become quite corrupted when carried over into a new one and you’d just have to start from scratch if that happens. It can happen with emails that use the template builder as well and campaign merge fields don’t carry over at all…not saying don’t us it, just be aware it still has some limitations.