Reusing Web Form in separate Campaigns

How can I reuse my custom web form from one Campaign to another?

Fingers Crossed,

There are a few options.

If you bring a webform goal into a new campaign, there is an option to copy a webform from another campaign. (The URL of this copy would ofcourse be different)

Another other options would be to build out the new campaign in the original canvas where the webform is, and then just disconnect the webform from its original sequence, and connect it to another.

A final option, similar to the second option I listed is to connect the original webform to a sequence that applies a tag, and then use that tag to trigger a new campaign that starts with a tag goal.

one of these 3 options should give you what you need. :slight_smile:

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Your response was spot on. Thanks for your guidance!

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is this procedure applicable also to the Landing Page goal?
I cannot find the option to copy the landing page to the other canvas