Unpublish and delete a campaign but keep the webform/landing page

Hi guys,

Sorry to trouble you. Having a bit of a spring clean to remove some of the countless redundant campaigns from my app. Just wondered if it is possible to delete a campaign but keep certain webforms?

I was thinking of having a campaign just for webforms to link to from future campaigns (to save having multiple unsubscribe forms in different campaigns).

Thanks in advance!

You could copy them all into one single campaign, but the urls/code will be different. If you are trying to keep them ‘live’, this won’t work, but if you are just trying to save them for the future, this would work.

Thanks. But as they’re not inside a sequence and there are different ones in different campaigns is it possible to copy them?

Unless I add a new webform and then ‘copy from campaign’.

You’re right, that would work…

But yes, they wouldn’t have the same urls which is an issue as some a hardcoded into webpages.

Thanks for helping me think through it, really appreciate the response.

You’ve got it.
Yes, you can copy a web form from a campaign, but sounds like that doesn’t help since they are hard coded. If you have access to the code, you could swap,but otherwise you will have some campaigns that simply have live web forms in them and possibly nothing else.