Deleting or Editing Campaign Form Submissions

Hi All,

I’m in the process of reviewing several years of data - and have come across an issue. Our organisation uses internal web forms to process a lot of the information stored about our clients, in particular, the recording of appointments and their outcomes. We then use the campaign goal completion report to find when these forms were filled out. However, as with all things, we have a small percentage of user error on these forms (either forms being filled out incorrectly or twice for the same thing) and I can’t see a way to delete or alter a form submission after the fact - am I missing something obvious?

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It sounds like you’re referring to webforms (not internal forms) but either one is going to be the same answer. Since webforms and internal forms map to fields and those fields are overwritten when a form is re-submitted, there isn’t a history to delete from.

Hi John,

Thanks so much for the reply. I appreciate that the contents of the forms cannot be altered as they overwrite the existing data - but is it possible to remove the record of a form having been submitted. Here’s an example where the system records a form having been entered twice, and we would like the record of one only.



No, I think mostly due to the fact that it only represents overwritting data and doesn’t offer a “revert to previous” kind of option, they didn’t include a way to remove them that I’m aware of (not even with the api)

Curses. I suspected that was the case - but thanks so much for taking the time to confirm John.