How to Remove an Internal Form

There are several internal forms hanging around in my application that are from deleted or otherwise defunct campaigns. Even though the internal form was deleted along with the campaign that housed it, the form still shows up as an option in the internal form drop-down menu and in the add a contact drop-down menu. This is creating clutter and confusion for my sales team when they try to access these forms.

How do I remove these forms entirely from my application so they do not appear in the drop-down menu? I have not been able to find any settings page that displays these forms and lets me delete them.

Only way to solve this (as far as I know) is raise a ticket with chat support.

Thanks for the reply!
I suppose I’ll do that. Definitely inconvenient. I wonder why they are made to stick around even after they’re invalid. Curious.

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It’s not designed that way, I’ve had it happen to me however with note goals too.

Not sure if it is better to unpublish and then delete as two separate steps, don’t know if that would help.