Question about Internal Forms

Good morning!!

Does anyone know how to delete the Internal Forms that were pre-defined in InfusionSoft?

I have pages of them but am only using a handful at this time…

Also, I would love to know how you use them for day to day business?

Trying to get some ideas!


If you unpublished the internal form, they should* disappear from the list (*we have had issues - glitch - where they didn’t, so we had to have support remove them).

Here is a post I did a while ago about “How We Make Infusionsoft Point-and-Click Simple” - shows usage of internal forms.

If you want to grab a 15 min slot on my calendar I’d be happy to show you more.


See - That’s the problem - They are not listed in my Campaigns??

Or is there a special secret area I’m not looking at?

Ok … if they are not actually in any campaigns right now, but still showing, you need to get with tech support.





(Thank you!)