How do I edit a current Web Form?

How do I edit a current web form in my CRM?

Hi Troy.

You will need to go into the campaign that the webform was originally created in. Here, you will be able to access the form, and make any changes needed. Once you have completed the changes, you will need to run the campaign through a publish, to update the changes.

Once you have published, if your customers access the form directly through it’s hosted URL, you are all set. If you happen to have the form embedded on your website, with HTML, you will need to copy the freshly published/updated HTML out of the webform builder, and replace it on your website.

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This form is hosted and has a url directing clients to it

i dont have a clue how to access it

If you head to your list of campaigns that you have built under Marketing>Campaign Builder this webform should be one of the goals in one of your campaigns that you have been building.

I may recommend that you reach out to the Live support team via phone @ 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2, if you are having some troubles tracking this down.

I can also tell that the webform that you have linked to in this post has not been published yet, as I receive an error when I try to submit on this form.