Webform Update not adding to code

UPDATE - Issue Resolved
I have updated a webform in one of my campaigns. When I copy the code (Javascript, HTML or unstyled HTML) none of the changes are there. I have unpublished and republished the campaign. I have set the form back to draft then back to active. What can I do to get these changes into my form?

Hi, @Elizabeth_Stefani,

Did you by chance make a copy of the form to modify it? There is a known issue where sometimes the details don’t remain with a copy of an already existing form and the only work around is to build a new one from scratch.

Hi @John_Borelli

I had tried republishing and republishing again this morning and the changes seemed to take.

The form wasn’t a copy, though I really appreciate you sharing that information. You just saved me a lot of hassle as I was going to copy this form! Thank you.

Oh wow! Good timing, love when that happens!

Glad you got it to work :wink: