Contact's info is not being passed to the new Landing Page form, therefore a new contact card is being created for an already existing contact

I am currently having trouble with a campaign for an “Email Preference Center”. I created a campaign with a landing page that contains a form. On this form, a contact can update their phone number, and click a few options that will apply tags to their contact card depending on what they select.

I sent out an email broadcast to a few emails I use for testing purposes with the link to the landing page: Powered by Keap

From my test, it seems that this process is creating a new contact card with the phone number (because that is the only field option I have to fill out) and the relevant tags. The problem is, it is not applying to the correct contact card using the person’s email from where they clicked the link from. Instead, it is creating a whole new contact card that is not relevant to the user.

I want the already pre existing contact to be able to click on the link in their email that brings them to the landing page, update their phone number if necessary, and select their email preferences that will leave tags on their contact card depending on what they select.

The problem is that for some reason the person’s contact is not being connected through to the form and once it is submitted, a new contact card is being created and does not update the fields for their current card. I have “email” set to a hidden field in the landing page form and was hoping that their email would be passed through and all their other information.

From my knowledge, I assumed that when someone clicks from an infusionsoft email through to an infusionsoft landing page, the contact’s email address should be passed through, letting the contact update other info that will update their card in infusionsoft.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I would appreciate anyone’s help in solving this. Thanks!

@Hillary_Slavik, are you including the email field (keep it hidden) on your landing page form? Without that there, Infusionsoft can’t match anything to identify the contact…and as a result, it will create a new contact record.

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for the reply. I did have the email as a hidden field, and the other fields were still not updating. I actually heard back from infusionsoft after they looked into it more and here is what they said:

“I did check and it seems the new landing page need to have the link whitelisted . Hence you can go to my nav > marketing > settings > email defaults >whitelisted domain add the domain name as and save it that will ensure that the original contacts are updated.”

This seemed to fix the issue so I am happy!! For some reason the link to my landing page was not white-listed and this was causing contacts to not be recognized, hence creating new contact cards.

Great! I had to add that domain to the settings as well earlier so they gave you good advice :slight_smile: