Form not working

I’ve created a form with a hidden field (email address).

The form works when used as a hosted form on Infusionsoft (Email Preferences - Powered by Keap)

But as soon as I put the form code on my website, the form submits but doesn’t seem to pass the email address. This means the contact record is not updated. (

I’ve tested using an email being sent to a contact in Infusionsoft.

When this didn’t work, I tried option 2.

I created a landing page with the form, but again it didnt work. (

What can be done to fix this?

I’m not exactly sure I understand what you’re saying. If the email address isn’t on the form, how can someone update it?

Can you share some screenshots of the campaign set up, perhaps?

The email address is there as a HIDDEN filed :slight_smile:


Find attached…

  1. A screenshot of the campaign
  2. A screenshot of the form

@Liam_Austin, without the use of a script on the page where your form code resides and passing the details as URL parameters from the email link, the only native way to pass details to a form is to either use an Infusionsoft hosted form or the Javascript version.

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Javascript worked!

However the design of the form now looks terrible… any tips?

@Liam_Austin, if you use Wordpress, check out FormLift, a plugin that will do all you need. Highly recommend it.

This may work, however… For this one form Id prefer to not to have to pay a monthly fee

Ah, it’s only for one form…understandable you wouldn’t want a 3rd party for just one. The new landing page builder is now able to pass contact fields and use hidden fields for the email so that they don’t change their email and create a duplicate record…I see you’re trying it. Will that work for you?

FormLift has a free version. No subscription required