Autopopulate webform email field from Keap landing page submission

Hello! Interesting puzzle here. Since landing page form submissions don’t opt in contacts, even when they explicitly consent, I thought of a workaround of embedding a webform in the landing page. So contacts would effectively submit the webform instead.

Here’s how it looks so far:

  1. Contact submits the landing page: Copy of Free Tonglen Meditation
  2. Contact goes to thank you page: Copy of Free Tonglen Meditation
  3. Contact clicks download button for freebie on the thank you page.

What I’d like to do is embed the webform on the thank you page with the email field as a hidden field. So it just looks like the button. Contacts that submit the LP and download the meditation would be submitting the webform.

Would someone be able to help with how to passthrough the email entered on the landing page to the webform hidden field? Thank you!

FYI I’m trying to put the webform on the thank you page instead of landing page because the formatting of the webform is so limited.