Seeking Copies of Landing Page Form Submissions

Hi there,
I’d like to have copies of all submissions from a form on one of our landing pages sent to one of our admin’s inboxes. She will then be sending submissions to one of a few people in our organization - based on a form answer- to follow up (who are not Keap users so therefore can’t simply pull up the contact record to see the information).

Is this possible? Right now, I have it set up so that a task is created when someone completes the form, but that task notification doesn’t carry over the submitted information.

  1. Is there a way to automatically have the answers to a form sent in an email notification of submission to an owner?

  2. Is there a place to find full form submissions, similar to how you can few individual responses to a Google Form?

  3. Similarly, is there a field we can add to forms for comments? (Such as if we wanted a page to have a “Contact Us” form where they can ask questions)


In the Web form settings itself there is a place for a notification to be sent to an email address. Enter the email address you want to get a notice each time the form is completed and you can have that done there.

For web forms, you can add any fields you want, so just create a custom field for “Comments” and you can add to the web form.

To get a listing of all people who have completed the forms, it would be best to add a sequence after the form submission that would apply a tag. Then you can just search for everyone with that tag on them to see who all completed the form. You can export that and you will see all the data that was entered in any/all fields for the form.


Hi Jeff,
Thanks. I was hoping to use a landing page because no matter how hard I try, I can’t get a webform to look native to my website when I embed it. They are much more difficult to style for a non-web-developer! :upside_down_face:

Is there any option like that for landing pages?
Additionally, is there any plan or way to add more fields, like a comments field, to a landing page?

Rae Carson

You can do the same thing with the landing page. Just create the custom field and then add it to the landing page.