Send email notification when a form is filled out on a landing page

I have a form on a landing page and I want to have an email sent to me when someone submits the form. How do I set that up?

There are a few ways, but I’d do it in the sequence following the form. You can either send an email to yourself (hardcode the To: address so that it comes to you), or you can use the Apply a Note function and set it up to notify you when the note is applied (I like this method because it gives you a historical record on the contact that this form was submitted).

Or, you could use a Fulfillment List - which might be preferred if you’re getting a number of leads each day. This would send you notifications in batches, as a downloadable spreadsheet.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the answer. I probably need to clarify a little. I can set it up just to send me an email notification with static text, but I would like the email to contain the answers to the form fields. If it can’t be done that way, I can send a static email notifying me that a form was filled out, but then how do I see the answers to the form for each person that fills it out?


So, the answer is dependent on HOW you are collecting the information.

If you’re capturing details into custom fields, then I think any of the methods I mentioned above would work. You would just need to merge the contact’s custom field details into the email/note/fulfillment list.

If you’re capturing details using Virtual Fields, well, then it’s much more difficult. I don’t think those store against the contact record at all - you’d have to also apply tags in order to retain that information.

(All this is based on the assumption that you’re using the “new” landing page builder, right?)

Yes, using the new landing page builder. Thanks again, that helps a lot. I think I can get it figured out from here. I am not sure what custom fields are and virtual fields but I will figure it out.

I see what custom and virtual fields are now. One more question: when I merge fields in the email such as the person’s name, how does it know to merge in the name of the person who just filled out the form and all the other related fields?

I have it all set up and somehow it knows to send the correct form field information from the form that was just filled out. I think I got it. Thanks for your help!

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