Pre-Populating Landing Pages with merge fields in the body of an email

Hello. I am new to the community…first time poster. IS chat support suggested I ask my question here.

Here is the hypothetical I shared…

A prospect (David), visits my landing page and completes the form. This add’s David as a contact in IS and triggers a campaign sequence with a notification email to the sales rep (Steve). The notification email contains the prospect’s (i.e. David’s) contact information via merge fields (David’s FN/LN, email, phone, as well as some custom fields). Steve is then instructed to pick up the phone and call David. At the end of that phone call, the sales rep completes another form (a seperate landing page) called “Prospect Contact Form” which determines how David continues through the funnel.

I would like to add a button to the end of the notification email sent to the sales rep (Steve). This way, when Steve receives his prospect email, he can immediately click through to the “Prospect Contact” landing page. This part is built and is straight forward.

Is it possible that when Steve clicks on the button at the bottom of the email, that the “Prospect Contact Form” is pre-populated with the prospect (David’s) information? Right now the button directs Steve to the appropriate form, but pre-populates the form with Steve’s contact name and email.

As many of you are probably aware, we are having an issue with sales reps misspelling the manual entry of contact FN/LN/Email on the prospect contact form, which is creating duplicate contact records for David.

I appreciate your help and suggestions!

Hi Eric, this is actually possible, using UTM codes.

so it would read

Now you would need to use the OLD landing page builder and switch off the pre-population option on it.

To be honest probably to much to put into this I’m afraid (time constraints) but hopefully that gives you a starting point.


Hi Andy,

Apologies for my delayed reply. I appreciate you providing feedback. I will do more research on UTM codes. Do you have a resource that can show me the basics? I am learning this is not specific to IS, so does this mean that adding the “?” at the URL begins the UTM Code?


“?” - Begins the UTM Code
“email=” - is the field on the landing page I want to point to
“`Contact.Email~” - is the merge field from the email template I want merged

Thanks for your help.

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