Pre Filling an IS Landing Page with Contact Email Address

Hey guys - I am looking to on board clients who have just signed a contract with custom field questions…

I need the email address to be pre filled from contact date so all new custom fields are assigned to the same contact the on boarding landing page is sent to…

Is this at all possible?

If not, is there another way to achieve the same goal?



Why do you need a custom field for the email address? The standard email can already be used to manage dup checking. What’s the high level need with the custom field?

Hey John, thanks for your response - maybe i used the wrong term - all i need is the email field to be populated in the landing page with the email address of the person I send it to.

The problem I have is clients tend to have a number of different email addresses which they love to use - causing us problems with extra contacts being created and data spreading all over the place. I need a way to stop this as we build out a database of customer info across the application, initial sales call and tech onboarding.

Does that make sense at all?

So you really don’t want the email field showing in that case. What you would generally do is to have a hidden email field which will allow IS to populate the other information by the email address. If you populate a visible email address then they could change it and it would create a brand new contact.

The other alternative is to use a little code to disable the field ONLY if it has been pre-populated. That way they can see it but can’t change it. I’ve had clients that have had me create that approach as much as the hidden email field approach so it’s really “dealers choice” at that point.

We would always have the email address at this point so it seems the best thing to do would be to hide it I guess - do you have any information on how to then prepop that hidden field using the email address we have on file?


How are they getting to the page? A link in an email or from a landing page or?..

When the field is setup in the page, set the url name to something like Email and append links with the field data like… etc…

They are getting to the page via a link in the email yeah - all sounds amazing in regards to appending links… going to have a crack at it but out of my current technical grasp!

Thanks so much for your help John - I’ll let you know how I get on!

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