How to send Email Field to a third party form to pre-populate a field

Hi I’ve been struggling with the form builder in the keap landing page, but due to limited functionality (i.e. when turning the form to horizontal it looks terrible, font is really small and can’t be changed, i.e. changing the NPS 1-10 score across the page rather than down and the same for a CSat question). Also there is no conditional options to send people to different URL pages based on their form answers, so I have had to look at a third party form builder and integrating it back into Keap.

My question is: Is there a way to send the “contact email field” to the third party form so that their email is pre-populated in that new form? Or better yet, send that information so that it is hidden (like we can with infusionsoft forms?) and they don’t even have to re-submit their email.

Campaign outline:
Step 1: Email is sent to contact asking them to submit feedback
Step 2: they go to Infusionsoft landing page with an embedded form in the page (that form is the third party form builder)
Step 3: they complete the form and submit
Step 4: the third party form builder is integrated so it matches back based on their email, their responses into each custom field.
Step 5 based on their responses the third party form builder sends them to different thank you URLS based on conditional formatting (ie. Q1 they answered 9 or 10 and Q2 answered “Very Satisfied” goes to the first thank you page, and everyone else to different one.)