Creating An Email Preferences Center

Trying to create an email preferences center where a customer clicks a link in our email broadcast and is sent to a landing page (either infusionsoft landing page or landing page built on our wordpress site) with a form that autopopulates with the customer’s data (name, address, subscription preferences, etc.). They can then update the information, check/uncheck email subscriptions they want to receive (we send out 5 different email types, so we want them to be able to choose which emails they want to receive, rather than simply unsubscribing from everything), and then save their preferences and update their contact record.

I’ve been trying to use the new landing page builder for this, but so far, the only data that autopopulates is the email and first/last name fields, nothing else. Does anyone know of an API solution that would communicate with Infusionsoft so that we can pull data like address information/custom field values and populate a form with it? Is there a native way to accomplish this in Infusionsoft that I don’t know about?


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So a couple of things:

It looks like you’re more wanting a update profile page and an email preferences center (generally the latter doesn’t involve all those other details…in fact none).

@Greg_Jenkins has a great walk through of an actual email preferences center and it could easily enough be adapted to an update profile center too…but I would make them two separate things personally.

Thanks so much for the reply! I’m really looking to emulate something like we had in Mailchimp here:

It’s kind of a combo profile update page/email preferences center.

I actually did walk through Greg Jenkins’ tutorial, but currently the only fields that autopopulate in the form on the landing page are the email and first/last name fields. I’m looking for a solution that will autopopulate the checkboxes as well (based on custom field values in the contact record). I reached out to tech support on this issue, and they said it wasn’t possible in the landing page builder…that’s why I was looking for a possible API solution that might accomplish this on a wordpress page…

The interface is giving me guff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

or are you using custom fields or the address block? The block doesn’t generate an ‘id’ for those fields so it might be necessary to use custom fields. Not how I would have designed it but…

I think for the time being, I’m going to use dropdown menus with options “yes” and “no”. The plus side to this is that if a user doesn’t select one of these options, it will submit as unselected (whereas if I use a checkbox and they don’t select it, it will unsubscribe them).

Since I can’t get the form to autopopulate with the values in the custom fields, I think this is the best plan of action for now.

I would be really happy if the form was able to autopopulate with more contact data…email and first/last name isn’t quite enough.

If you use the old landing pages with those custom fields, it should auto-populate no problem :slight_smile:

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Yes. This is exactly what I have been trying to build as well.

Paul_Sokol - how do you do this in the legacy form? I can only see how to edit the field label and change if it is required. It does not prepopulate, and I’ve tried it with every type of custom field.