What approach for email preference center

I’m working on an email preference center. I’ve created a landing page with check boxes to reduce visual clutter since I have eight options of interest. Customers currently will be in one of those eight categories of interests. A few might be in two categories or more.

My current logic is if you click the check box it applies the appropriate tag to your profile so when I send a newsletter it’ll add your email. That works great for people who are expanding their interests, and in testing it functions fine.

But how do I best do the inverse? Let’s say someone wants to receive fewer emails, gets to the page and checks two boxes out of eight. Or, wants to stop receiving their old category of interests and switch to a new one.

My current flow is Landing Page > User self-applies tag > Sequence applies tag to user profile and adds note that they opted-in > Sequence removes update preference tag, runs within five minutes, applies preference updated tag > user exits flow.

What do I need to do in terms of labels/sequences/what have you so that an unchecked check box will unsubscribe them from that interest?

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Set up one sequence after the preference center.
In that sequence you remove all possible entires.

Then, in your other sequences where you are adding tags, put in a 5 minute delay.

That way the people will go into the appropriate sequences based on form submission and wait … while they are waiting, all preferences are cleared … then their actual selections get added.

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Remove tag sequence
Apply tag stage

Like this? The top image shows most of the campaign. The out of screen stuff is more categories. The second shows the Clear Old Preferences sequence that comes after the landing page. The third image shows one of the opt-in tag application sequences.

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I’m not sure what the delay is supposed to be for, but that looks right to me. Every time they fill out the form, you imitate it being the first time by clearing old preferences.

Since you have this kind of multi-list situation for your various customer interests, I’d like to suggest one thing to put in these actual emails you send out for each list.

Just above the unsubscribe link, put in a small preferences box with options like “I’m not interested in G Scale”. If they click that link, you remove the tag then they won’t get that email list anymore. People are fussy and will click unsubscribe hastily because they don’t feel like they should spend time on that preferences landing page again. But unfortunately for you, if they unsubscribe, they basically become a dead contact and you can’t send them anything. Of course, in that same preferences box, a link to the preferences landing page, like “Change all my email preferences”, is appropriate as well.

We want to give our customers a chance to segment themselves, and I’ve found this is a great way to do it.

Awesome, thank you.