Selective Opt Out options

Is there an app to solve these 2 issues:

  1. I would like to give our subscribers a way to opt out of 1 list (like our blog updates) without opting out of ALL our emails; and

  2. I would like to edit the default “thank you” page once they opt out to make it more friendly and perhaps find a way to either keep them engaged or choose not to opt out.

I chatted with an IS tech who said there isn’t a current way in IS and to ask the Community if they know of an app…Thoughts?


@Sharyn_Yuloff, the easiest way to handle this is to create an Infusionsoft landing page that can be linked to from each email footer near the Unsubscribe link - you can give them an opportunity via checkboxes or radio buttons (yes/no options) to select the “lists” they’d like to remain on. Each selection would then via a decision diamond route to sequences where tags can be applied (or removed) to keep them in a list or remove them. The thank you page can be whatever you’d like. I would hide the email field so that they don’t change it.


Brilliant; thank you!

I’m glad it will help :slight_smile:

Hi @Cheryl_Hunt. We were trying to do what I think you are saying here. We created a text block right before the footer and included “Manage your subscriptions” with a link to a custom landing page that allows people to select what kind of email/content they want.

But we are having trouble formatting because of the limitation of only 3 text styles. Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2. Ideally, the text would look similar to the Unsubscribe text. Obviously changing Normal style affects my body text. So I tried to use Heading 1 but I can’t get the text to unbold. Any suggestions?

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Hi Sharyn,

Sorry for the late reply - I just saw this. Do you use WordPress? If so, I have a plugin that I wrote that lets you totally take control of the unsubscribe process. You can generate a page that has checkboxes based on tags you want to use to show subscription to any list, and people can then totally control their subscriptions on a detailed level. Since it is on WordPress, you have complete control of styling. Let me know if you want me to dig it up - I don’t have it in the WP Plugin repository yet…

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@Julia_Lim, I add the link in the footer right above (or below) the Unsubscribe link so that I don’t have to change the font style.

@Cheryl_Hunt Hmm. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I can add text in the footer above or below Unsubscribe text/link but I cannot add a link for that Manage Subscription text. That’s why I did it in a different block. Can you tell me how you did that please?

Yep, here you go, @Julia_Lim - super easy:

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@Cheryl_Hunt You are the best. Thanks for taking the time to do a screencast! Unfortunately, I think you’re working in a legacy version of Infusionsoft email builder? Looks totally different from what I see. Sigh. Would be (and should be) super easy if I had this. Let me see what I can do. Thanks!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: Yes, Legacy campaign builder templates are a bit easier for some things. I forgot that new apps don’t have it - hoping you’re able to replicate a version of it for the new template builder.

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Wow, Justin, that would be awesome; thank you!

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Hi @Sharyn_Yuloff - sorry for the delay - I decided I wanted to take the plugin public before posting it here. It takes a couple of days to submit - on the plus side the submission process ensures a high level of code security, and we had a couple of bugs that were caught in the process. You can get the plugin here Subscription Management for Infusionsoft – WordPress plugin | and you’ll probably also want to download the PDF from Pirate and Fox - Growth Consulting and Business Acceleration as it has the full instructions.

Now, I’ve just always just used this personally to date, but I am open to making it a great solution, so feedback is welcome as are feature requests. My first mission is to get it set up with Oauth2 instead of the old API connector, but for now it is working, and since you can install it from the WP directory you’ll get updates automatically. Enjoy.

Thanks, Justin!
I’ll get back to you once I check it out.

Thanks again,

Thanks, Justin.
It’s more than we need right now (since we found a different solution in the meantime), but it’s great to know it’s out there.
I’ll reach back out if/when we have a need.

With continued gratitude,

Hey Sharyn,

Awesome. If you have the time, I’d love to know what you used as a final solution.

Justin - does this replace the standard “Unsubscribe” page. Or does it create a new page you can link up in the footer?

It creates a checklist you can put onto a page in WordPress - it doesn’t replace the actual unsubscribe link.