How to create an email subscription management landing page?

We have 5 separate bi-monthly newsletters. Each covers a different topic and we have subscribers to any combination of those 5 newsletters. If someone uses the legally required opt out link because they do not want to receive one newsletter, it prevents them from getting any others they are currently subscribed to.

What I need is a link that I can add to our emails that allows people to manage their subscriptions in single place.

Currently how I manage this is to have a separate unsubscribe link for each of the 5 newsletters. It’s cumbersome on the back end, and is not a great user experience because people cannot see the whole of their email subscriptions with us at once.

I am using tags to identify people who are subscribers (and also have an unsubscribe tag for each newsletter).

I have looked and looked but not found a solution yet. The ideas I have are:

  • A landing page with checkboxes that auto-populates based on a contact’s tags (if it does not auto-populate it is not going to work)
  • A landing page with dynamic content to list the current subscriptions (I would also provide drop down yes/no fields for people to manage subscriptions, but these would not be auto-populated)

Can anyone help with ideas how to create the above or something else in Infusionsoft that would work?

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We have the same situation and want the same type of landing page. :slight_smile: