Landing Page submission to shopping cart help

Hi. I am trying to build a landing page where the end-user fills out basic information and when they hit subscribe it will add the subscription to the cart and take to them to the order form/check out.

Can any provide info on how to setup this sequence?


Is it the same subscription/checkout for everyone who fills out the form? If this is the case, you can create an orderform with the subscription product on it, and set the ‘Thank-you page’ of the landing page to direct to the order form url.

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Yes. Currently the landing page is meant to only be used for one subscription product. They fill out the fields (which we would like to capture) and when they hit submit it should bring them to the order page of just that subscription item and allow them to purchase.

I see the option for sending to web address. So I think I understand. Once they purchase does it send them to another Thank You page after?

If you set the landing page “Thank-you page” to direct to the orderform url, the process would play out a little like this:

Contact would enter info into the landing page, and hit the submit button,

The landing page submit button redirects instantly to the orderform / checkout URL that you set up.

Customer checks out, and submits payment.

Orderform redirects to the order-form’s thankyou page (Which much like the landing page, can either be an Infusionsoft Thank-you page, or a URL that you want to redirect the customer too *sometimes customers create custom thank-you pages, hidden on their website.)

Ok, I think I understand. I see a Tab in the Products for a Thank you option. Awesome!

Thanks so much!

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