Landing Page to Order Forms


Just wanted to ask about how I can pass contact info from a landing page form to an order form so that they won’t have to input any info when they pay.


Brendan, how is your landing page hosted? Is it an Infusionsoft hosted landing page (if so, is it the old landing page or the new builder) or a landing page built on your site or somewhere else?


I have the same question.

User fills out form built in “Campaign Builder”.
User lands on a “Thank You” page. (Also built in campaign builder and hosted at infusionsoft.)

I would like to link directly to a products “order form” using infusionsoft’s order forms. I would like the user’s information that they just entered (creating a contact) to be passed into the order form (name, address, etc.)

Is this possible? Need input if possible and/or links to show me how.

Thank You!

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I need to do the same! and I’m not clear how to link the LP with the order form (all IS created and hosted).
Any suggestions or direction will be appreciated.

It seems like this thread dropped, is there another more current discussion?


It can be done with some JavaScript on the order form theme footer. The original code is credited to @Casey_Page . This trick was used back in the day when web forms didn’t do this out-of-the box.

Note that address fields are not passed through from a landing page. The only fields that come through are the following (and possibly custom fields, but I haven’t checked):

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company

Proof of concept URL:

Just copy and paste below into your order form theme footer:

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
		function getUrlVar(key){
			var result = new RegExp(key + "=([^&]*)", "i").exec(; 
			return result && result[1] || "";