Existing contact. How do I pass their custom field information through to new landing page?

I adore the new landing pages. I want to marry them. :bride_with_veil:

We are using a new landing page as a survey, to collect several custom fields for existing contacts. We do this via a campaign sequence email where we give existing contacts a button that links to the landing page url.

Here are my questions. Then I am going ring shopping for the new landing page feature. :ring:

  1. How come I am not able to link a button in an email directly to a new landing page? Is this a feature upgrade that needs to happen or is there a setting I need to adjust?

  2. How do I pass the contacts existing information, name, email, etc to the new landing page form?

I read this link, but uh, it confused me and that in turn threatened my love for the new landing pages, so I had to close the tab.

Thank you for your help. I will be sure to send you a wedding invite.

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Last I checked the new landing pages don’t support passing the info yet :confused:

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@Candice_Hiles, the new landing page builder just added passing details functionality about a week or two ago :slight_smile:


When I test it the landing page doesn’t auto populate with the custom fields. Is there a setting or something I need to add to the landing page URL to pass the information through?

I haven’t tried using yet, @Joanna_3B so hopefully someone will chime in here who can walk-through the actual steps.

Fingers crossed! Thanks @Cheryl_Hunt!

Joanna, I just watched a video in a private FB group for Infusionsoft certified partners and it doesn’t look like you need to do anything if you are linking to a landing page from an email link. It will automatically pass the details and pre-populate the fields. You may need to try and append the email link with the contact detail parameters so it would look something like this:

See if that does the trick.

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Gave it a try! It didn’t work. The information populates within the url but it does not populate within the form. I might need to adjust the form field parameters in some way, to ensure they match the information I am adding to the url. :thinking:


You would need to be certain that the fields on the form you wish to populate have a name=“…” value that is the same as the url names. So in @Cheryl_Hunt’s example, the first name field would need to be called FirstName. You can change that but the url name would have to change to what the field name is otherwise.

That makes sense, @John_Borelli. I don’t see any help article on “how” to populate fields in the new landing page builder so I’m wondering how people are doing that. Let us know @Joanna_3B if adjusting the form field parameters to match like John said works.

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Nope, didn’t work! It auto populates all of the information into the URL but it does not populate within the form fields, even when the nomenclature is identical. :-/

Hello all,

I’m after some advice and my Google Fu has abandoned me (and IS’s technical support just said ”…it is possible but I am not finding any resources on how to do it. The best way to go about this is check within our community”).

I want to send an email out to a segment of contacts and have a link in this email to a landing page where they can update their details.

I’ve found the article about how to pre-populate fields within a landing page (Landing Pages - Custom URL Parameters | Max Classic) but I am struggling to get the data into the url to begin with.

I’ve tried @Cheryl_Hunt ‘s example above which worked for me but I can’t get this to work for custom fields.

Any ideas from the great collective mind?