Thank You Pages

Is it possible to use just the thank you page and not the landing page?

I’m looking to send buttons for order decisions to thank you page only.

So to clarify you’re just wanting a page they go to that says thank you for your purchase correct? If you’re using IS Order Forms those have thank you pages. If you’re wanting to treat the landing pages like a Thank you page you could always match the color of the button and button text to the background so it’s “Invisible”.

Chae, Thanks for your reply. Yes. I’m sending an email asking if customers would like to proceed with a quote my tech gave them. If the customers press button for “no” or the “work has been completed”, I’d like to send them to a thank you page (thank you and if you need our help in the future, please let us know).

I don’t have a need for the landing page form functionality.

Great! Then in this case I would recommend just using the landing page, but changing the color of the text of the button and the button color to match the background and then moving it out of the way. Or changing the button to say Visit us at “Your Website Here” and redirecting the “Thank You Page” of that landing page to go to your website.

Alternatively if you know how to build pages on your website you could create a page for the thank you that way. Hope this helped!


To add what to Chae said if you are wanting to do this through Infusionsoft because you want to track whether or not the button is clicked you can customize the button to apply a tag when clicked in the same area where you set the URL the button sends the contact to.


I’ve had similar questions as you have, @Jeff_Carmichael. To further build on what @Chae_Gardner and @David_Kurz have said, @Daryl_Hine shares a how-to video on his website: Creating Infusionsoft Thank You page for New Email Builder . That was such a HUGE help, @Daryl_Hine!