Tagging landing page submissions based on yes/no when sequence notification goes out

This is a little complicated, so I’ll try to break it down.

Goal: Automatically tag respondents with a single click post-form submission from notification email to yourself

I’ve created a Landing page to receive beta test applications for a new product launch. My boss would like to receive a notification when the submission is received, review the applicant and easily add someone to the list without having to log in. He doesn’t use the InfusionSoft platform, just the marketing peeps do.

So in this scenario, I’ve created a landing page that leads into a sequence. The sequence sends an email to the applicant, confirming their submission. My boss then receives an email with the info that the applicant filled out. Based on the answers they’ve submitted, he will decide if they meet the criteria to beta test (one is an open-ended short answer text question so not as easy as just automatically tagging based on answers).

I created a button link in the email that my boss receives that tags when clicked but this only adds the tag to him as a contact, not the applicant.

I would need the applicant tagged automatically based on an action via email that my boss is able to take without requiring sign-in or manual adding.

Any ideas for how to tackle this issue?