Landing Page Form to trigger email sequence? HOW?

So I’ve got my Infusionsoft landing page designed with a standard form from Infusionsoft. But, apparently I have no way of controlling what that form triggers in the sequence.

I want the form to trigger an email response, (and after the form is submitted they will go to the thank you page).

How can something so simple be so convoluted and difficult?

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@David_Goodley If you have your sequence set up right behind your landing page that you created, simply submitting the landing page should trigger that sequence (see Image 1).

If you are trying to make the landing page trigger different things, then you can have a decision diamond come after the landing page going to 2+ sequences and filter where they go based on what was submitted (see Image 2).

Does this answer your question? If not, please provide some more detail and I can get you an answer.

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