Opted-out emails not opted-back in when they resubscribe


I’ve noticed that contacts who have opted-out are not having their email status updated when they go through one of our landing pages, and therefore opt back in.

We moved over from ‘forms’ embedded on webpages to LeadPages, which sends the email address to IS with a tag to apply. For new contacts this works fine, they are created with a default opt-in, for existing contacts this also works fine as long as they are currently opted-in, however for existing contacts who have a status of ‘opt-out’ it simply adds tag and does not update the record, and the contact does not get sent the lead magnet they signed up for.

I’m after a solution to this. Firstly I realise I could delete all opted-out emails and I think that would solve it as the record would be created afresh when they come back in, but unless I do this every day we will miss some, and I like to keep opt-ed outs around for reporting data at least for a while.

I had a look at the ‘set field value’ and ‘Action Set’ but couldn’t see a way of adding in a step that sets the email status (something I could do in the initial sequence when they come on board).

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Deleting contacts wont fix the issue as Infusion keeps a record of every email with its opt-in status even after its deleted. This is to stop people from deleting contacts and importing them back in to remove the opt-out status.

I believe this has been an issue with Leadpages/Infusionsoft for quite some time.

For this reason alone, we still use the Standard LeadBoxes either alone or in the Drag And Drop LeadPages. Or you can still choose to use/create pages using the Standard Builder. The Standard are not going away…they just are encouraging people to use the API connection.

Hi Cheryl - I’m working with James who started this thread. I just wanted to ask you more specifically about what you’ve put in your response re: LeadPages. My understanding is that the Drag and Drop Builder in LeadPages will only connect with infusionSoft using tags, the form approach having now been dropped. Your reply suggests that you’re still using the Drag and Drop approach and getting it to work. I guess I need clarification if possible on this line:

‘For this reason alone, we still use the Standard LeadBoxes either alone or in the Drag And Drop LeadPages.

Many thanks!

Hi, has there been any update here? We also use LeadPages and want to be sure that visitors who opt in to receive a free download are receiving it. Thanks!

For Leadpages that use the tag method of transferring the contact to Infusionsoft there is still an issue.

If they are new contacts, or existing contacts who are opted-in, there shouldn’t be a problem. However if a contact has previously opted-out, Infusionsoft won’t recognise it as a re-opt-in even though that is what the user has done by submitting their email address again.


I don’t think there would be an “update” as that would indicate expecting their policy to change. The API cannot re-opt someone in post-optout and it isn’t something you should expect to change. If it were allowed then there would be a huge (very huge) number of people abusing that to opt in people that actually wanted to and remain opted out. It isn’t likely that the manual requirement to re-optin an opted out email is going to change.

Thanks for your reply, John.
In that case, what is the expectation for how customers are supposed to deliver requested free downloads, etc. when someone has previously opted out but then they fill out a LeadPages connected web form asking to be sent this particular free download?

Hi @Denise_Alvarez,

I would have to say that there isn’t an expectation in regards to LeadPages. Infusionsoft, of course, cannot account for the use of other tools (realistically there are thousands out there that could be used). There has been debate as to the api opting in prior opt outs but the danger of that being abused by those that wish to follow spammy practices is very high and so it remains. The only real way you can opt back in with forms is if you use an Infusionsoft form. So if LeadPages has a way to embed the Infusionsoft contact/optin form then that might be an option to look at.

Thanks, John. LeadPages used to integrate using web forms but they recently changed that so that the integration is tag-based instead. I appreciate your response!

I just found this old thread and am trying to figure out how to take advantage of the REST API’s new ability to update a contact’s status. Does anyone here know how to use this new feature with LeadPages Drag and Drop builder to opt a contact back in after they’d previously opted out?

Hi Katie - thanks for the alert, I hadn’t realised there had been a change.

I can’t see anything resembling an ‘opt-in’ button in the LP integration. We’ll put in a support query to see if they are planning it.


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