Admin Status opt-out mails


Several contacts were opted out by me as a admin due to inactivity and constant warnings by infusionsoft and then blocking of email credits.

But majority of them are genuine business contacts who now dont receive offers and discount mails and complain about the same.

I see a way to re-subscribe them and change their status to unconfirmed , and then I can send them a confirmation mail.

My question is ,can this confirmation mail send to all at once in bulk ?
Instead of going into every contact , going into it and changing it into unconfirmed and then sending the confirmation mail can I send confirmation mail to all at once?

As they are opted out by the admin I guess the regular confirm email sequence wont work.

Thanks in advance


If you bulk set them to unconfirmed and then raise a tag to run them through the confirmation sequence in a campaign that would effectively do the same.