Any one successful in getting a bulk OPT IN for emails that were erroneously OPT OUT ADMIN?

We use a booking system that sends our customer info to Keap. We got confused at some point and stopped checking the newsletter button. Now those 5, 500 customers are OPT OUT ADMIN and we can’t send them emails except by manually opting them back in.
I have asked Keap to send a bulk email to them to OPT IN. No response.
Has anyone had any issues and better luck?

If they are OPT OUT ADMIN, you should be able to bulk update them.
Do an Email Status Search (marketing - reports)
Search for that specific status.
When you get your list, click on the checkbox above the list to select all.
Use the ‘action’ dropdown and go down to ‘update optin/out status’ and then set for ‘opt-in’


Jeff, that would be amazing. So far, Keap representatives have said we have to each each one manually.