Email Status - Keap updating active/engaged records as inactive issue

Hi - so iv recently discovered that keap has been opting out records that are engaged… like engaged where they’ve open an email the day before and multiple days before and then keap opts them as SYSTEM OPT OUT status. And I as a user am given no option to opt them back in when they are CLEARLY opening and even clicking emails. I have to reach out to IT support and then they want me to send a screen shot of every single record this has happened to confirm that they are indeed opening emails and then they will opt them back in… which is tedious and ridiculous on my end. At the very least their IT team should be able to go in on the backend and check this and opt them back in for me but they wont. Has anyone else dealt with this craziness and what do I do?

Has anyone has this issue? I urge you to check your records… your system opted out records and then cross-ref with recently engaged. There are like 50+ of my records that have been engaged [opening multiple emails] and then the system opts them out 5 days later after opening an email saying theres an issue with their email address. I cannot opt them in. Support will not opt them in based on this error of the system. First they told me to just send screen shot of the emails in question and show that they had recently opened an email which is a tedious task in itself. NOW, They are telling me the record needs to email me & i need to show that as proof that they are emailing me directly??? It all makes NO SENSE and Im going nuts with keap support.