Not sending Test or actual emails from email & Brodcast

Has anyone else been having problems with sending through TEST or the actual broadcast via Search the Email and Broadcast?

It is saying it is sent, but nothing has been received.

Yes, we have had an issue whereby all our campaign emails show as being sent but all emails are showing as unopened. Was on chat this morning, but kicked off as agents disconnected.

Yes, same here. no test emails, no campaigns going out.

TThere seems to be a bigger issue also impacting the Orders section of a contact record also. Cant access

Weirdly, the IS/Keap status page says that everything is operational… annoying.

Anyone hear anything yet, I was in line for chat but then it went unavailable

My test emails from ‘draft’ campaigns are coming through, as are dummy emails (to me) from the same campaign once live, but with a huge lag… I imagine Keap/IS has an enormous backlog of emails waiting to go out.

I just got one that was scheduled to go out today - so maybe were back! Hopefully we can start adding orders again

Two of my campaigns seem to have now gone out successfully, so creeping back to normal.