Emaila are not sending test or rela

I have created an email broadcast that I am trying to test before sending out to clients.
I have tried over a number of days but the test emails won’t go through to any of the contatcs. I tried to send a ‘real’ broadcast to myself but nothing has been received - has anyone else had this problem and how do you resolve it please?

Have you checked the email status of those contacts, yourself included? Go to Reports - Email Engagement Tracker and see if they are set to either non-marketable or opted out in some way

All the best


Hello Andy,

Thank you for your email. The test emails and myself were hard bounces so thank you for that.

As they are hard bounces, I believe I can’t change the status, therefore I created two new accounts and tried again but they didn’t send?

Any further advice from here at all please?

Many thanks