Broadcast and test emails not being sent

Last night I set up a broadcast email to go out today. It is past the time when the broadcast should have gone out. When i set it up last night, I sent 3 test emails to myself and none of them arrived. Is Infusionsoft having issues sending emails?

That doesn’t sound normal. I’d hop on with Support asap.

A few things you can check in the meantime:

  1. Were the test emails sent to an address that is marketable?
  2. Do you have DKIM, DMARC and SPF records set up?
  3. You’re in a “live” account, and not a sandbox account, right?

And finally, here’s a deliverability guide that may be useful!

I have had the same issue for weeks. I put in an email batch to go out and never does. I try to send a test email and nothing shows up. If I am not manually sending out emails the system with the new updates is not working.